Joo Kraus

JooKraus_b:wThe exceptional trumpet player and composer got an excellent name with the JazzAward winning Hip‐Jazz project Tab Two. The duo could be heard at nearly all national and international festivals in the 90ies and their fan base at that time in Europe, America and Asia was very remarkable. After the break‐up of Tab Two, Joo Kraus started his solo career with his highly acclaimed album „Public Jazz Lounge“ with the SWR Big Band. He continued succesfully with his following albums „Basic Jazz Lounge“ and „Sueno“ (recorded in Havanna, Cuba). His 2010 CD „Songs from Neverland“, a Michael Jackson tribute, was #1 in album and single charts. The list of those who adorned themselves with Joo´s solos and compositions is prominent: Omar Sosa, BAP, Nana Mouskouri, Tina Turner, Xavier Naidoo, Laith Al Deen, Jazzkantine, DePhazz, Mezzoforte, Klaus Doldinger and many more.


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